Mexilandia is Inspired by ”La Loteria”, a Mexican common game similar to bingo, except – instead using numbers it relies on a deck of cards with different illustrations.  Although the specific origins of the Mexican ”Loteria” are still uncertain, they evidently depict unique identifiable concepts (such as social types, body parts, plants, mythical creatures, etc…) in Mexico from an outdated era.

Mexalandia is my own interpretation of my context and growth in Mexico. A funnel of contemporary Mexican culture that leaves a visual legacy marking beliefs, superstitions, legends, lifestyles, stereotypes and taboos in an era of instability, imbalance and inequality.

Visual language and symbolism are tools that let us understand our  major differences and the inequities that exist in Mexico that cause or own misery. It let us “show our cards”(in a place where freedom of speech has consequences).

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