The main purpose of the project is to interpret the legacy of death in which the universal laws require consumption in order to survive while ironically consumption leads to depleting resources, and hence extermination.

I got inspiration on one of Scott McCloud’s books called “The Invisible Art “. His idea about the concept of the undiscovered possibilities of sequential art is what intrigued me the most, and triggered me to explore illusions like feeling part of a story, a parallel world, a dream, or a Utopia.

To achieve this, I created a sequence of scenes and sculptures by using acrylic paints and oven-baked clay. The Leeches (Sanguijuelas) are an interpretation of a consumer entity ready to devour everything on their path. The hand painting is in the first person point of view making the viewer feel part of the artwork.

While working on this project I came up with these questions:

• If evolution made us conscious, then why are we living under these principles?

• What about sustainability?

• When will we be able to be self-sufficient without “eating” ourselves and our world?

• Or will it lead us to inevitable self-destruction?

• Time will go on with or without life.

• Or will it?

”He that makes himself a sheep shall be eaten by a wolf ”
-Italian Proverb

Men have died from time to time, and worms have eaten them, but not for love¨
-William Shakespeare

( Onem ) Project Presented at Harvard University at Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.